These guys are Great! I received my “Official Selection” status far in advance of their deadline, which leads me to believe they really enjoyed my script. “Which script?” you may ask. Well, once again it’s the Horror Love story. I know, I know, I already submitted that one and won First Place, but there’s no harm in multiple submissions, am I right?

This Festival is located in the township of Winchester in Virginia. It almost sounds like a Wild West outpost but is a mere hour and a half drive northwest from DC. It’s also home to Shenandoah University, which I understand has a great rep. Here’s more about the city:

Winchester is an independent city located in the northwestern portion of the Commonwealth of Virginia. As of the 2010 census, the population was 26,203. As of 2015, its population is an estimated 27,284.

Fingers crossed on this one. Btw, if you’re in that area of Virginia, would you like to represent me if I do win? If so, comment in the box below.

Will keep you all updated!

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