University of Montana accepts my New Zealand Story!

Hi Kirby,
We’re thrilled to have your story. We will be debuting it on Monday as the first of the series! We’ve reread through it and think it is good to go, but it there are any changes you would like to make, please get them to us today. We also still need to get a short, 3rd person author bio from you. When your story goes live on our website, we will notify you as well as link it to our social media accounts. 
Thank you again, for sending us your story.
All the best,

The Word From Düsseldorf, Germany

Dear Kirby Michael Wright,
Thank you for your beautiful contribution.
Your movie has been considered for the screening in the Filmmuseum Düsseldorf on the 12. & 13. of April 2019. We are very happy that you participated. MOLO
You can soon take a closer look at the programm for Düsseldorf right here:
We are sorry in case your movie does not show up in the programm online. It only means that the Jury voted against your movie for the screening in this year.
However, there is still a chance for a screening at the FIKTIVA Medienkunst-Festival next year.
We will keep you updated through our social media channels.
Yours sincerely

4th Chapter of THE QUEEN OF MOLOKA’I accepted for Publication

Dear Kirby,
Your story has been accepted for publication in the February 2019 Issue of the Adelaide Literary Magazine. No. 21 February Issue will be released no later than February 16th.
Simultaneously with the release of printed and digital editions, the story will be posted on our website together with your short biography and your picture. If you didn’t submit your biography and jpeg picture yet, please, do it asap in the reply to this email.
We will inform you when the February Issue is out and send you all related links. If you have any comments and questions, please, let us know. Thank you for your submission.
With Kind Regards,
Stevan V. Nikolic
Adelaide Books / Adelaide Literary Magazine
244 Fifth Avenue, Suite D27
New York, NY, 10001