When did you first consider yourself a writer?


When did you first consider yourself a writer?

I didn’t think of myself as a writer until I swept the awards at San Francisco State University. I was denied admission into the MFA Program before this unprecedented achievement, with the majority of tenured professors voting against me. So, I waltzed into the Creative Writing office and knocked on the Chair’s door, who happened to be Frances Mayes (UNDER THE TUSCAN SUN). I told Frances I had an appointment with SFSU’s president to discuss me being denied, and she suddenly said I was worthy of being admitted. That’s when I realized how much of getting ahead as a writer was political and that the majority of professors didn’t know their butts from holes in the ground.

New Review: THE QUEEN OF MOLOKA’I https://www.amazon.com/Queen-Molokai-Book-Based-Story/dp/173076617X/

True Story Hawaiiana
Forget all that Fiction stuff, pick up a book about Real People for a change. Julia is forced to go from Waikiki girl to country girl on Molokai, and all the time must deal with the guilt of abandoning her two bastard sons on Oahu. I would equate her pain and suffering to the focal character in ANGELA’S ASHES. The Wright family saga in Kaimuki is reminiscent of Conroy’s THE PRINCE OF TIDES. This is literature, not the usual fiction schlock written by people who are not even from the islands. Writer is hapa haole (part-Hawaiian).KEONI


Bradley Cooper’s retread lacks for genuine chemistry between Cooper and Gaga onscreen. I know, I know, they ‘connected’ offscreen for a rumored romance, but perhaps they should have filmed some of that to document genuine emotion. I found this vanity project by Cooper a poorly written wannabe tear-jerker, one that halfway through made for excruciating viewing. I think I only finished because I thought it would get better. It didn’t. Gaga’s lack of acting experience is apparent, and what’s up with that gravelly voice Cooper is throwing? It’s almost as if he’s trying to channel Kris Kristofferson is the other A STAR IS BORN. The actors profanity-laced dialogue is not good writing and, when they deliver their lines, you can tell they think they’re both going to get Oscars. If you want to watch how not to make a film and write, then this flick’s for you.